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  Amandur G8
    AMANDUR G 8 A new improved high performance Waterborne Rust Converter (Manufactured in technical collaboration with ECS, Netherland) that uses the most up-to-date coating technology in the fight against corrosion wherever it may occur, and the performance of the product takes success to a new level. AMANDUR G 8 gives cost effective corrosion control due to its unique protection qualities, thereby greatly reducing the need for routine maintenance.


Basic Solutions

  • Removes free moisture and oxygen from the surface.
  • Creates an impermeable barrier against oxygen and moisture.
  • AMANDUR G 8 is water based
  • AMANDUR G 8 is Non-Toxic
  • AMANDUR G 8 is Environment friendly as per EEG Norms
  • AMANDUR G 8 Ideal for extreme climate
  • AMANDUR G 8 is user Friendly-can be used even by unskilled operators
  • AMANDUR G 8 is Suitable to be applied directly on rusted metal surfaces with minimum surface preparation
  AMANDUR G 8 has been tested by well equipped lab on the highest standards. G.K.Technochem meets ISO Standards 9001: 2000.

It is water-based organic co-polymer latex solution which chemically converts rusted surface to a blank non-tacky layer in around 30 minutes. AMANDUR G 8's protective layer gives underlying surface complete protection against further corrosion and can be coated with most commercially available paints. AMANDUR G 8 can be used as primer or semi layer, without further treatment, for standard synthetic resin including micaceous iron-oxide paints.


  AMANDUR G 8 is highly recommended for Industrial Uses, Salt Water Ballast Tanks, Military Equipment's, General Household Purposes, Void Spaced, Main Deck Areas, Cargo hold Internal Tanks, Piping and Mooring equipment's, Military Equipment's, Marine Application, Structural Coating etc.
  The Company provides a technical advisory, supported by a team of specialists in the field.
Milky White Emulsion
Ph at 20° C 4.0
Specific gravity 1.05
Coverage 10-12 m2/kg
Touch dry time at 30°C 20 min
No. of coats 1 coat
Over coating time at 30°C 3 hrs
Shelf life 12 months
  Method to use

Substrate preparation : Surface to be coated must be wire brushed or sanded to remove excess scales or oxide formation Then the AMANDUR SK* is used over the surface for cleaning.

* AMANDUR SK is G.K.Technochem's another product for Surface cleaning

  APPLICATION : The white non-toxic AMANDUR G 8 is then applied by brush or spray. Complete inhibition and protection is achieved immediately. The black protective compound formed on the rusted surface does not require washing or pacifying.
  AMANDUR G 8 can be left in its dark finish, or can be over-painted.
  AMANDUR G 8 is available in 1 Kg, 5Kg, 20Kg, and 200 Kg Jerry cans.
  10-12 M2 /KG
  Immerse brushed, rollers or spray tips in clean water during work breaks to prevent paint from drying. Use water to clean equipments before paint dried. To remove dried paint use aromatic solvent.
  AMANDUR G 8 is to be stored in a cool dry place between 5° and 30° C out of direct sunlight and protect from frost. Must be stirred well before use.
  Inhalation- Remove patient from area of exposure, keep warm and at rest.
  Skin Contact - Remove contaminated clothing; wash affected area with soap and water or a recognized skin cleanser.
  Eye Contact - Irrigate the eyes with copious amount of clean water, holding the eyelids a part for 15 minutes. Obtain medical assistance if the problem persists.
AMANDUR G 8 is safe to use and eco-friendly.

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