Our Clients :Sambu Construction Co.( Korea ), Colgate Palmolive Nepal , Kodak Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Nestle Bangladesh & Sri Lanka, Denso Haryana Pvt.Ltd. Manesar, Mitsui Kensetsu, Sterlite Industries Ltd. Aurangabad, etc..."


  • The company undertook repair/epoxy injection grouting job at Babai Irrigation Project(Nepal) for M/s Sambu Construction Co.(Korea) in the year 1993.Now we are proud to announce its presence in other South Asian and African countries. We have been able to capture application contracts for the following international clients

    United Bottling Co.,(Bottling Unit-Coca Cola) Mogadishu,Somalia
    Colgate Palmolive Nepal Pvt. Ltd Hetauda, Nepal
    Kodak Nepal Pvt.Ltd Hetauda, Nepal
    Nestle Lanka Ltd. Karunegala, Sri Lanka
    Nestle Bangladesh Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Bottlers Nepal Pvt. Ltd.Kathmandu, Nepal
    Bhote Koshi Hydroelectric Power Plant, Kathmandu, Nepal

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Project References - International Projects
Name of CompanyPlaceArea (Sft)1
United Bottling Co.,(Bottling Unit-Coca Cola)Mogadishu,Somalia30,000.0
Colgate Palmolive Nepal Pvt. LtdHetauda, Nepal40.000.0
Kodak Nepal Pvt.Ltd Hetauda, Nepal20,000.0
Nestle Lanka Ltd. Karunegala, Sri Lanka40,000.0
Nestle Bangladesh Ltd,Dhaka, Bangladesh 10,000.0
Bottlers Nepal Pvt. LtdKathmandu, Nepal 8,000.0
Bhote Koshi Hydroelectric Power PlantKathmandu, Nepal15,000.0
Kenafric Industries Ltd.Nairobi, Kenya2,40,000.0

Sambu Construction Co.(Korea)(Baba Irrigation project)


Kathmandu, Nepal Repair works

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