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  Line Marking

Production halls may require a marking in between work areas, machine areas, passages etc These types of markings can be done in any color, as required by the customer or matching with the existing flooring systems. Normally epoxy paint in three coats is being used for line marking.

Vinyl Tapes also can be used for line marking.
  Repairs & Rehabilitation

The concrete structures and floors may deteriorate due to chemical attack on or between various metals of which the structure is built or Physical deterioration arising from climate changes, abrasion, damage from high velocity water, fire impact, explosion, foundation failure or overloading. It is essential to understand how these various causes are likely to reveal themselves so that realistic assessment of the overall process can be made and a proper diagnosis arrived at. We possess most important equipments like concrete core cutting machine, injection grouting pumps etc... For these types of repair jobs. We have undertaken critical repair jobs from Sambu Construction Co. Korea and Larsen & Toubro Ltd.
  Antistatic Flooring Systems.

Most epoxy/PU floors provides dustproof, good abrasion resistance, resistant to chemical attacks, attractive finishes, but generates static electricity when regular traffic or vehicle movement across them. But most electronics assembling units, clean rooms, power, dust and solvent handling areas require a flooring system which is highly resistant to these electrical charges.

The products being in use for this purpose are highly technical specified and the conductivity of the floors to be checked at different stages of application, a highly trained applicator is required. Our well trained workers have completed similar jobs for Denso Manesar and Sterlite Industries Aurangabad.


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